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By Edmund Chan

Leadership-Mentor, CEFC
Founder, IDMC Global Alliance

The Global Discipleship Congress (GDC2013) hosted in Manila from 22-25 May 2013 was a resounding success on many counts.

Gathering over 7,000 delegates from 61 nations, we heard deep and challenging messages from the likes of Ravi Zacharias, Robert Coleman, Luis Bush, Peter Tan-Chi, Randy Pope, Bill Lawrence and others.

A mega-church senior pastor appreciatively said that this was indeed a “top world-class Congress”.

Sam Hershey, senior leader of the Navigators, said in a recent email: “I have personally never attended a large event, or any church or organizational conference, that has been more refreshing in all my life”.

We also heard from the Chief Justice of the Philippines and the President of the Philippines, as they shared their faith and aspirations respectively with the appreciative delegates.  We had a wonderful time praying for these distinguished country leaders.

A total of US$192,000 was raised through the IDMC Global Alliance partners to support 250 third-world leaders to attend the conference.

A number of delegates have told me personally that it was a “life-changing” congress for them.  Some benefitted from the challenge to walk closer to God; while others said that they would no longer look at church ministry the same ever again, and would put intentional disciplemaking as a core mission of the local church!

Most of all, my answered prayer has been two-fold.

The first is the miraculous completion of the mega-building to host GDC 2013 (just two Sundays before GDC!) when building experts had declared it as “impossible”.

And second, the mutual (and sincere!) love, honour and appreciation that our Singapore and Philippines co-labourers had for one another!

Never before in the history of the Church has there been a story of two churches, in two countries, with two distinct cultures serving together as one to host a global conference for the body of Christ on Discipleship in the Local Church … and do so with such mutual love, joy and esteem for each other!

A moving sight was the thunderous standing-ovation from the delegates as the volunteers were called forward and acknowledged.  About 1,600 keen and ready volunteers were mobilized!


What’s After GDC?

The core mission of the Church is disciple-making.  The IDMC Global Alliance will continue to champion this vision.  The need is great.  All over the world, the modern church is struggling to reproduce disciples of spiritual depth, yet too little is being done about it.  We will continue to wave the DISCIPLESHIP flag and “raise up the age-old foundations” (Isa 58:12).

Until the Lord unmistakably leads towards another GDC, we would be focusing our attention in building our church in Singapore, Covenant EFC, as an intentional disciplemaking church (IDMC) that would bless the Body of Christ at large.  Also, Ann and I (along with others we have trained as well as our GA disciplemaking pastors) would be strategically engaged in regional, national or city-wide Discipleship Conferences, leadership consultations and equipping.

Our next major conference is the IDMC Conference from 5 – 7 September 2013 in Singapore.  The theme is “Starting Over: Rediscovering Discipleship As A Redemptive Journey”.  Over 2,500 have already signed up for this conference.  More information and on-line registration are available at

Pray for us.  We need a disciple Church to have a transformed world!


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